Practice makes perfect!

Never one to need a real excuse to make a cake, I was provided with the perfect opportunity this weekend as it was my boyfriends birthday.

Also since moving house I’ve struggled with getting the temperature and time combination right for the new oven – I think I’ve now got it nailed – longer than it should be at a lower temperature!!

As I’m getting slightly apprehensive about the wedding cake i’m making in june, i’m taking every opportunity to practice the perfect application of roll on icing! And this birthday was no exception! Standard Victoria sponge recipe with badly cut out birthday lettering (fortunately that won’t be required for the real thing!!)

Picture of the final result below!!


Victoria sponge
Cake mixture
5 med eggs
10oz butter
10oz caster sugar
10oz self raising flour

250g icing sugar
125g butter
Vanilla extract

Turn on oven to c180
Grease and line 2 cake tins

Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy
Add eggs one at a time, folding in.
Fold in flour gradually

Split mixture evenly into the 2 tins leaving a slight dip in the middle of each.

Bake for c.20-30 mins (dependent on your oven!)

To make buttercream
Soften butter then add icing sugar, beat until thoroughly combined.
Add vanilla extract and mix thoroughly.

When golden brown remove from oven. When slightly cooled remove from ribs onto cooling rack.
When completely cold, even off tops of cakes with cake wire or large knife.

Spread raspberry/strawberry (whichever red jam you fancy) on one of the flattened sides and buttercream on the other.

Sandwich together! And enjoy!