Ombre icing

Today is the birthday of one of my colleagues. Without going into too much detail, she’s had a pretty rubbish 12 months so I wanted to help her celebrate in style.

Inspired by The Great British Bake Off, I wanted to up the stakes when it came to both the baking/cake and the icing.

Cake wise, I opted for a traditional Victoria sponge base – with some whole raspberries throughout for a bit of variety, but icing wise, I was inspired by the ombre fashion.

9 medium sized eggs
16oz butter
16oz caster sugar
16oz self raising flour
200g raspberries
1tsp baking powder
240g unsalted butter
750g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
75g full fat milk

Method Cake

1. Cream butter and sugar together until light, fluffy and pale
2. Add eggs one by one (adding a little of the flour if needed to prevent curdling
3. Add flour
4. Add vanilla essence
5. Beat until light and fluffy
6. Split between 3 prepared (greased/floured/lined) cake tins (c25cm diameter)
7. Bake in a preheated over (c. 180) for 25-35 mins – until golden and a skewer comes out clean
8. Allow to cool


1. Soften butter
2. Gradually add icing sugar and milk
3. Once incorporated, beat on high speed for around 5 mins, until light and mousse like

I also did three tiers (not something I do very often, and made more difficult by the fact I only have sets of 2 tins!!).

Cake turned out well – and i’ll try the ombre again as it looked pretty!IMG_2917 IMG_2918


Happy Birthday!

Continuing my journey to ensure I can capably ice my friends wedding cake next year, I undertook my first attempt at fully fondant icing a large round cake.

The biggest challenge for me on this is finding enough space in the ridiculously small kitchen I am currently using to roll out the icing to a sufficient size… Bearing this in mind, I have actually bought a roll up icing mat so that I can ice without making too much mess on the dining room table… all purchased from a great website for cake decorators Cake Craft Shop – I can tell I am getting old now I am more interested in purchasing cake decorating tools than I am clothes or shoes… well maybe not shoes!!

All things considered, it didn’t go too badly… a few little cracks on the edge (due to rolling the icing too thin as I didn’t have enough) but nothing I can’t overcome… and all were easily covered by some blue stars! Unfortunately the wedding cake won’t be able to look like that… 😉