Burger and Lobster

A restaurant that literally does what it says on the sign!

Not sure of its origins but they are popping up with more and more frequency (in London anyway) and have brought lobster to the masses – I’d never eaten lobster prior to my first visit (to the Soho branch) and now I count it amongst my favourite meals!

For those unfamiliar to B&L they have a simple menu, burger or lobster (with options for cooking) with chips and salad. From now on I’m going to ignore the burger, not sure if it’s any good but when would I choose a burger when I can have lobster?! Particularly when it costs the same!

So it’s a 1 1/2lb lobster that’s steamed or grilled or served in a toasted brioche roll with a Japanese mayonnaise, or if you’re feeling piggy (or with a group of friends) you can buy a larger lobster from the catch of the day…

This is last nights 6lb delight…


I doubt it’ll be long before I’m back for more…


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