Left over fruit cake

Not traditional fruit cake but cake with any leftover fresh fruit you have – in this instance they were apples and plums. Google the fruit and come up with a recipe!

Very moist and tasty – colleagues certainly enjoyed it!

photo (17)


15 minute meals… if you have a time machine

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Jamie Oliver and all that he stands for encouraging families to eat healthy home cooked meals but I think his recent tv programme and cookery book ‘15 minute meals‘ is a little misleading..

I’ve tried 4 of the recipes now and the fastest we (and by we I mean 2 of us, not just one person) have managed is 17 mins. To do that we had everything out measured/hot and ready – and we still didn’t manage to break the 15 minute target!!

I throw down the gauntlet and say unless you are basically a professional cook, I don’t think it is possible to do one of these meals in 15 minutes, certainly not alone!!

Anyway, 15 minutes or not, the food was actually delicious and I will continue to persevere in the vain hope that one day the timer will say 14.59….

The most recent trial was the Beef Stroganoff (recipe available here on Jamie’s own website) – really tasty, any my pic of the food actually looks quite similar.