The big day arrives

So the big day is finally with us, and for me the big day isn’t the actual wedding it’s the day in which I need to ice the cakes!

Firstly, the actual cakes – the baking, freezing and defrosting has all gone without any hitches which is good, but I am starting to worry that this means the problems are still to come…


So on to the icing, the first task was evening out the cakes, they didn’t end up as flat as I would have liked, but probably only really noticeable to me!

The buttericing went without a hitch, but the fondant icing was a little more difficult than I anticipated. Never having fondant iced such a large cake, this was a pretty big test for the first attempt! Nerves started to set in, along with a fair dose of the shakes, so I decided to opt for the smaller one first! With my confidence built, the second, larger cake actually ended up better iced than the small one!

Ribbon tied and packed into boxes to transport (not without it’s own challenges, as the larger cake was actually too big for my largest cake box!) the cakes arrived at their destination safe and sound, sugar flowers added and placed onto the cake stand!

The bride and groom were really happy with the finished article and that is the most important thing!

A little too stressful for my liking… don’t think I will be offering to make a wedding cake again in a hurry!!


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