Beef (or Boeuf) Bourguignon

For a few months now (since we watched Julie and Julia  and I was given Mastering the Art of French Cookery for my birthday), my boyfriend has been trying to convince me to make Beef Bourguignon. Not something I have been particulary averse to, just a meal that I thought needed to be consumed whilst it was cold and wintery outside. This weekend gave that opportunity (weather wise and that he was out for the day!)

After consciensiously studying the recipe in the afore-mentioned cookery book, I decided it was too hard, and opted to find another one instead! Using my default recipe finding method (a Google search) I came across a couple that took my fancy. One by Gordon Ramsay from the BBC Good Food website (a great recipe website) but I decided against that when I realised the recipe contained a whole bottle of wine! (if it takes your fancy, you can find it here) and a second recipe from Delia online which I opted to use.

To cut a very long story (3 hours of cooking plus prep time) I made the beef bourguignon and it was, even if I do say so myself, delicious! Served with green beans, Chantenay carrots and sauted potatoes (with thyme and garlic). A perfect Sunday meal 🙂


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