Happy Birthday!

Continuing my journey to ensure I can capably ice my friends wedding cake next year, I undertook my first attempt at fully fondant icing a large round cake.

The biggest challenge for me on this is finding enough space in the ridiculously small kitchen I am currently using to roll out the icing to a sufficient size… Bearing this in mind, I have actually bought a roll up icing mat so that I can ice without making too much mess on the dining room table… all purchased from a great website for cake decorators Cake Craft Shop – I can tell I am getting old now I am more interested in purchasing cake decorating tools than I am clothes or shoes… well maybe not shoes!!

All things considered, it didn’t go too badly… a few little cracks on the edge (due to rolling the icing too thin as I didn’t have enough) but nothing I can’t overcome… and all were easily covered by some blue stars! Unfortunately the wedding cake won’t be able to look like that… 😉


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