Make do and mend

I am a big fan of using up everything that is in my fridge/cupboards and hate that there is so much food wastage in the UK, but that isn’t really the main point of this post! I also love Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Thai Style baked sea bass, and made it the weekend before last as a Sunday treat to try and forget the dreadful weather! As always I made far too much sauce, and wanted to think about ways in which I could use it up (without having just the same dish.)

Not particularly inspired, but I just added more coconut milk, mange tout and chopped peppers, raw prawns and a handful of chopped chillis, spring onions and coriander, and hey presto, a tasty and quick dinner!


The big test

This weekend gave me my first test when it came to creating my friends wedding cake.

When you buy a wedding cake, before you commit to spending a couple of hundred of your hard earned pounds, you get to taste the cakes. So before expecting my friend to commit to which cakes she’d like, I thought it only fair she got to taste them first.

The first cake was a chocolate cake. Just a simple chocolate sponge with vanilla butter icing. Fortunately it all went well and my friend, her fiance and his parents all enjoyed the cake, and one tier has been decided! Good job really as i’m not sure what she’d have decided to do if she didn’t like it!

The next test will be a lemon sponge. This time, I think the trial is going to include some practice icing as it’s been a while since I did my cake decorating course.

Luckily I have found a great website that sells all kinds of ready made sugar flowers, including this calla lily piece that I think is going to take pride of place in the top tier!