A lesson learned – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Something I have always been told is, if you don’t ask you don’t get and I wish this was a mantra I lived by as I was recently the victim of my own not asking!

On a recent trip to Edinburgh we went to the Witchery by the Castle  a beautiful restaurant set in the shadows of Edinburgh Castle.

Part of the appeal of the restaurant was a) it looked beautiful and the reviews were great, but b) they did a really good value 3 course set meal for £30! Even at weekends! Amazing!

So off we set for our dinner and was seated at the restaurant by a surly french (or faux french, who can tell) gentleman, who wasn’t the most helpful!

Upon perusing the menu it was clearly indicated that the £30 menu wasn’t available during the evenings which was kind of annoying given that we had been convinced to go by the discount prices, and every main meal was just under £30!!

Despite the set back, the food was delicious, I had Guy Grieve’s hand-dived scallops – Garlic,herb-baked with smoked Iberico pancetta and green salad, Yukon Gold potato mash and my boyfriend had Roast hot-smoked Loch Duart salmon, Sweet potato, green beans, butter sauce, both of which were lovely.

Upon leaving the restaurant I saw a poster promoting the special offer and clearly stating it was valid all evening – grrrr, why hadn’t I asked!! So instead of a whole array of delicious food, we had just one course and spent the same amount of money. So as stated at the beginning, if you don’t ask you don’t get.  Having said that, I do place some of the blame on the restaurant as the menu was not clear AND the waiter didn’t take the effort to explain that we could indeed eat from the set menu 😦

Next time I will definitely be asking!


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