Special cakes

I haven’t written on here for ages- whilst i’ve been cooking as always life seems to have gotten in the way!

I, stupidly or otherwise have offered to make my friends wedding cake when she gets married next year. The cake making element of this isn’t going to be too much of an issue, i’m just more concerned about the decorations! I’m just waiting to find out her colour scheme and thoughts on what she might want it to look like and then the practising will begin!

Whilst i’m talking about cakes, I visited Edinburgh recently and visited an amazing cake shop called Bibi’s Bakery  http://bibisbakery.co.uk/ selling the most amazing looking cupcakes – I have been inspired to try out some new combinations like their After Eights (Choc cake with mint icing decorated with an After Eight) Chocolate Orange (Chocolate cake, orange coloured and flavoured icing topped with a chocolate orange segment) and the one that looked the most amazing, an Oreo Cookie cake – following the formula of the previous cakes with a delicious Oreo Cookie on the top!


I missed out on a great opportunity to road test these this weekend as it was one of my closest friends birthday yesterday, however she has also recently announced she is getting engaged so i’m sure i’ll have the chance to road test them soon!


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