To decorate or not to decorate…

Whilst I love baking, and regularly make cakes good decoration skills are not something I have ever managed to learn.

Don’t get me wrong, I always want the cakes to look good but I always thought decorating took a kind of patience I just don’t have!

For my 30th birthday earlier on this year one of my friends gave me a gift voucher for a cake course of my choice at Cakes4Fun in Putney. Having browsed their website, I decided that now was the time and opportunity for me to start with acuiring the skills required to make cakes look pretty.

I did a course ‘individual iced cakes’ yesterday, and not only was it so much fun, everything was so much more straightforward than I expected.

From having no sugarcraft skill whatsoever, I learnt how to make beautiful sugar lilies, miniature sugar flowers, a gold edible bow and how to smoothly coat individual victoria sponges. 

In a nutshell the key is to have the right tools and not to be scared of the cakes – they are so much more sturdy than I ever gave them credit for!

If you have ever wanted to learn to ice cakes, I would whole heartedly encourage you to visit www.Cakes4Fun.co.uk and enrol on one of their courses!

The output of my class!


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