I like risotto with my wine…

Earlier this week, on my way home from work, I decided that risotto was the way forward for my dinner – had some leftover chorizo in the fridge and as chorizo risotto is one of my favourites I was pretty happy.

In getting the ingredients together I realised the half (mini) bottle of red wine I thought I had left was not actually there (after racking my brains I remembered I had randomly added it to a cottage pie I made). So the big decision was, do I choose something else for dinner, or do I make the risotto with no wine…?

Risotto, no risotto, do I really need the wine? I really need the wine!… it took me a good 10 mins to actually make a decision (and I even considered using champagne because bizarrely that was the only wine I had!) and in the end I thought, why not, go ahead anyway and make the risotto with no wine…

That was a mistake…risotto with no wine just doesn’t taste as good! The moral of this story is – always make sure you have wine in the house! (and never make risotto without it!)

Chorizo risotto for 2
1 x onion finely diced
1 x red chilli chopped
1 x red pepper
2 (cloves of garlic chopped or pressed
150g of risotto rice per person
Glass of red wine
1.25 ish pints of vegetable stock
100g diced Chorizo

Heat some oil in a wok
Fry the onions, garlic, chilli and pepper until softened
Keep high heat and add the risotto rice and ensure all grains are covered with oil
When the rice starts to look translucent (a minute or 2) add in the glass of wine – stir until the wine is aborbed.
Add the stock in a ladle at a time – mixing after you add each ladle until the liquid has been absorbed – this normally takes about 10-15 mins. As you get towards the end of the stock taste the rice to check if it is cooked enough – you may not need all the stock or you may need to add more (if I need more I just add some hot water)
Stir in diced chorizo
Once it is all absorbed and it’s cooked enough leave to sit for a minute or 2.


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